The membership program gives the customer an unlimited and lowest rate package choices with the premium all or selected services to enjoy for the whole year of subscription.

Terms & Conditions:

Emirates ID or passport copy is required upon application.

1. Each application must be accompanied by full membership fees OR -50 % of the total amount should be paid in advance, and the rest remaining amount should be paid during the second cash or in card.

2.No refund shall be given for early cancellation or termination.

3. Membership is non-transferable.

4. Membership cannot be combined with any other packages or promotional offers.

5.The services cannot be converted to cash or products.

6. Members are expected to follow spa rules and regulations. 8.Membership cannot be used three (3) days before and three (3) days after Eids.

The “Farah Happiness” Loyalty Program entitles the customer to earn points in each service purchase. The customer can redeem the points as service or to used as discount amount upon paying the service.


On the condition that the Loyalty account is registered to customer name. The loyalty points will automatically added to you balance. This will give the customers the earning/redeeming points in every services made in Afrina.

How to get the points:

  • Farah Happiness Loyalty Program is automatic to avail as long as the customer visit Afrina for one time to purchase a service.

  • Farah Happiness Loyalty Points is free of charge as long as you came as a 1st time customer and become regular customer. The more service visit the more points you can earn.

  • Farah Happiness is a earning points system that we design for loyal customers as a cash back. The points earnings can be used as a discount for services the customer avail.

  • Points can be calculated as: 100DHS is Equal to 1 point. Where 1 point is equal to 2 Dhs earnings.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Afrina Gift Card can be purchase at any of our branches in Dubai and Sharjah, you can use as a Gift to your Family, Friends and can even use as Employee award.


How to purchased the card:

  • Gift Cards is free of charge but customers will need to do the one time top up of minimum 200DHS or multiple hundreds in afrina.

  • Customers are not limited to purchase a Gift Card.

  • The customer will be issued with a physical card (disposable) that only official barcode/code can be used to do the transaction in Afrina.

  • To buy a Gift card customer can call 800 Afrina (800237462) to reserve a gift card, or Visit Afrina branch to buy a Giftcard.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

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